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Congratulations for choosing Password Depot for the administration and protection of your passwords and access data! You are in good company: Password Depot is used by several thousands of businesses, banks, government agencies, and private users.

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What is special about Password Depot?

Password Depot is a powerful, technically mature, and, most importantly, secure application for managing your passwords and access data. Unlike conventional freeware and shareware utilities, Password Depot provides sophisticated security mechanisms and a well-conceived, wide range of functions. It was developed for operation in professional environments with strict security standards.


Password Depot provides extremely high security standards in multiple ways:

  • Encryption with AES-256: The software encrypts databases using the Rijndael 256 algorithm, also known as AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard). According to the state of the art, currently this is certainly the most secure method of encrypting data on a computer. In the United States of America, AES is accepted for national documents with the highest level of security clearance! One advantage of this security algorithm is that the master password for encrypting a database is not stored on your computer. Therefore, nobody can possibly find the master password on your computer. You are the only person who knows this password.
  • Anti-keylogging protection: All passwords have an internal protection against various types of keylogging.
  • Clipboard protection: Password Depot automatically detects active clipboard viewers and hides any changes to the clipboard that it makes; after auto-completion, all sensitive data is automatically removed from the clipboard. Furthermore, Password Depot prevents recording of data copied to the Clipboard history on Windows 10 Release 1809 or higher. 

  • Program protection: Several new options optimize the protection of Password Depot itself: Whenever the program enters the locked mode, all sensitive data is cleared from the memory. The program is able to auto-minimize/auto-lock whenever the computer switches to standby or hibernation mode, whenever the current session changes, etc.

  • Highly secure shredding method: Password Depot uses a shredder conforming to the DOD 5220.22-M specification of the US Department of Defense to delete temporary program files. The definite, irrevocable deletion of temporary files is also very important because they can contain data that could be extracted and used by third parties. Simply deleting files in Windows Explorer is not secure, because in fact only the filename will be deleted this way. To destroy a file beyond recovery, you must overwrite the file before deleting it.

  • Lock function: You can restrict other users' unauthorized access to Password Depot using the program's lock function. This way, you can leave the software running on your computer without risking someone else looking through your passwords.

High Functionality

Password Depot protects your important and confidential passwords and access data from external access - whilst offering maximum user-friendliness and a comprehensive range of functions!

  • The integrated Password Generator creates virtually uncrackable randomized passwords. These can be inserted into the corresponding website field by using drag & drop. Password Depot generates true-random data, which cannot be predicted. Many conventional generators create random data based on system time and thus can be predicted or reproduced.
  • The auto-complete function allows for automatically completing fields on a website with user name and password. You can also generate individual auto-complete sequences using the integrated editor.
  • The top bar mode simplifies navigation through the Internet. You can minimize the program to a small bar at the top of the screen, which can easily be moved at will.
  • USB flash drive support allows for installing Password Depot on a USB storage device. This way, you can access your passwords from any PC.
  • You can also place your encrypted databases on the Internet and enjoy access to all of them, no matter your location!
  • The Server Module allows for simultaneous shared access to databases on a network by several clients in teams and companies. The system or network administrator assigns certain rights to the clients. For example, they can determine whether files may only be opened in read-only mode or may be modified.  
  • Furthermore, free apps for smartphones allow for using the software on mobile devices. iOS and Andoid are our currently supported operating systems.

We hope that this brief introduction to the main features of Password Depot has given you a good overview and made it easier for you to get started with the program. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Technical Support team is happy to help you.

We wish you great success and enjoyment in using Password Depot!