Properties - Notes

On the Notes tab of the database properties, you can change the comment and hint which you want to store for your database and for the master password. This information is shown whenever you open a database and are prompted to provide the master password.

  • Hint: You may enter a new hint for the master password in this field. This field is optional, and must never contain the actual master password!
  • Comment: You may enter a description of your database. This can be particularly helpful if you work with many different databases. This field is optional, and must also never contain the actual master password!

When opening a database, both the comments and hints are also displayed in the login window when prompted to enter your database's master password. 

NOTE: In these two fields, do not enter any information which could help a third party to guess or even find out your master password. If you enter a hint, it should merely serve as a helpful reminder for you alone and nobody else.

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